Swachhta Pakhwada

Fare Well 2015 - 2016

Month Date Competition Competition Celebration Special Days
    Class I to II Class IV to VIII    
June 05-06-2012     Environment Day  
  16-06-2012     Father Day  
July 01-07-2012     Doctor Day & International Joke Day  
  03-07-2012 Poem Recitation Vachana & Shloka Guru Poorinma  
  21-07-2012 Clay Molding Clay Molding    
  26-07-2012 Handwriting Mono Acting    
August 01-08-2012 Rakhi Making Rakhi Making   Dr. Prabhakar Kore Sir Birthday
  02-08-2012     Raksha Bandhan  
  07-08-2012 Pot Decoration Dramatics on Lord Krishna    
  09.08.12     Janmasthami  
  14-08-2012 Math Quiz Group Song (Patriotic Theme)    
  15-08-2012     Independence Day  
  22-08-2012 Reading Science Quiz    
  29-08-2012   Theater Art    
September 02-09-2012   Creativity with coconut shell Kalpavriksha Day  
  05-09-2012   Shloka Competition for teacher Teacher & Sanskrit Day  
  08-09-2012 Tell a tale Debate World Literacy Day  
  15-09-2012     Engineering Day  
  16-09-2012   Essay World Ozone Day  
  18-09-2012   Ganesh Pendal Decoration    
  21-09-2012   Group Dance Peace & Non-violence  
  22-09-2012 Drawing Flowers Ekband Rose Day  
October 02-10-2012   Bhajan Gandhi Jayanti  
  04-10-2012 Spelling Bee Spelling Bee World Animal Welfare Day  
  06-10-2012   Garba Competition    
  08-10-2012   Science Exhibition Indian Air force Day  
  10-10-2012 Collection of Indian Stamps Collection Indian Stamps National Post Day  
  16-10-2012   Social Exhibition World Sight Day  
  18-10-2012 Karthik Making Mysore Dasara Model Presentation    
  23-10-2012     Dusshera Celebration  
  29-10-2012     Valmiki Jayanti  
November 13-11-2012     Diwali Founder Day
  14-11-2012 Fancy Dress   Children Day  
  15-11-2012   Rangoli & Collage    
  22-11-2012 Mehandi/Hair Dressing Fashion Show based on Historical period    
December 01-12-2012   Folk Dance Kanakdas Jayanti & World Aids Day  
  04-12-2012 Yoga Yoga World Navy Day  
  10-12-2012 Memory Test Extempore    
  13-12-2012 Origamy Speech    
  20-12-2012 Craft Embroidery    
  22-12-2012   Scientific & Organic techniques of Farming Model Presentation    
  23-12-2012     Kisan Day