KLE SOCIETY'S BASAVAPRABHU KORE CBSE SCHOOL, ANKALI is an innovative and creative day school. We believe that education should be a joyous experience and our philosophy is that each child is unique and has his/her unique strengths. A lot emphasis is given to personality development and each child is lovingly mentored to find his/her niche.

Our USP is our experienced and caring teaching team. We have a very high teacher/taught ratio as we believe individual attention is the key to a meaningful learning experience.

Our beautiful campus offers a picturesque landscape with serenity and beauty of nature all around. We groom our children to be global citizens with high regards for Indian culture and values where learning becomes a fun-filled journey of discovery.

Our Philosophy

Five Corner Stones shape up our philosophy. We strive to make each and every student of ours:

  • An informed decision maker
  • A caring and compassionate individual
  • A life-long learner
  • A human being strengthened by the values of honesty and integrity
  • An independent knowledge seeker

School Information